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The Monomyth (Excerpt)

The monomyth is where a hero sets out on an adventure, faces a crisis, and returns victorious. Introduced in Campbell’s Hero With a Thousand Faces, it was simplified further by Christopher Vogler in The Writer’s Journey. His book is an excellent guide to applying the monomyth to your writing. Based largely on Mythology, the monomyth breaks down common story elements that last. These are the stories that make the core of western storytelling. 

At its core, the monomyth has 3 parts:

  • The Separation: the hero sets out a journey, seeking adventure.
  • The Initiation: the hero arrives and faces a crisis. This is often a descent into the underworld.
  • The Return: the hero has finished what they set out to do and has obtained treasure, love, or knowledge, but now must get home.

These 3 parts are further broken down into 12 stages.

McNair Personal Statement (Excerpt)

As a life-long learner, I’ve always been interested in the pursuit of knowledge- the why. My main goal is to continue that search, and to share that reward with others. I believe that goal is achievable through further education.

This interest in knowing more was heavily influenced by my love of reading. I first learned to read silently, while my Deaf parents signed picture books to me. Reading a loud came with difficulty, but by second grade I was winning every Book It! Award and summer reading program. As I got older, I spent my free time at school in the library, my favorite haven from the challenges of balancing the hearing world and the Deaf world. I’d like to write books that can help people escape from their lives for a moment. That idea fuels my career goals: the opportunity to study and create narratives.

I think the narrative form will find importance as things continue to shift towards the digital. The value of storytelling can only increase as we embrace a system of communication that is often sterile by nature and disassociate. As this increase and globalization reaches more aspects of our lives, the ability to tell the story of a single voice becomes challengingly necessary to connect us to each other.

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