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GVSU InWriting Newsletter

In Winter of 2019, Fall of 2019, and Winter of 2020 I wrote articles for InWriting, the newsletter for the GVSU writing department. This experience allowed me to write about events that are relevant to my peers, as well as be involved as part of a team. The role of contributor includes attending meetings, interviewing faculty and/or students, creating an article, and attending editing meetings.

For Winter of 2019 I attended the Writing Department’s faculty awards ceremony and wrote a piece on the convocation awardees. This was my first time attending this type of ceremony, and it allowed me to experience the range of related work the department does. In Fall of 2019 I interviewed visiting professor, Michael McCarthy about his experiences as a graduate student, his work with IT, and his goals for his courses on business writing.
In the Winter of 2020 I had the opportunity through the writing department to attend the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference in San Antonio, Texas. This experience showed me the range of opportunities and depth within the field of writing, and allowed me to attend a range of presentations on current topics in the field. When I returned I wrote an article on the trip as well as an introductory guide with tips and tricks for writing majors who may be considering attending in the future who may not have attended an academic conference in person before.

Winter 2020
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GVSU InWriting Newsletter

Fall 2019
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GVSU InWriting Newsletter

Winter 2019
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GVSU InWriting Newsletter

Desire Gallery

In the spring of 2019, I had the privilege of having one of my creative fiction pieces turned into a piece of wearable art. This was a collaboration between two classes at GVSU. The theme of the art show was “desire,” and we were tasked with writing a short story that related. The creative fiction piece that was featured was titled “The Hunt.”

For the exhibit walls, a brief excerpt was selected:

Books are life; Emily wholeheartedly believed this to be true. Perhaps what she collected was a little strange, but it upped the ante and finding a book that met all the criteria brought her immense satisfaction. No one else truly understood—it was honestly probably the most pointless thing to search for instead of limited or first edition copies since they were so commonly distributed—but there was something immensely magical when everything aligned to manifest from the list in her journal onto a shelf (or realistically, a pile in her living room).

The piece of jewelry was created by Renée Zettle-Sterling, the professor of the ART 346 classroom, who also made the piece related to my piece. She was also the photographer who shot all of the photos below. 

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Desire Gallery Flyer


Poetry published in Winter of 2010, in Issue # 94

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GRCC Display #94