Business Writing

Donation Request Letter (2023)

I regularly am asked to assist with written donation requests. 

I’ve worked closely with our social services department staff to develop a series of donation request letters. These letters are sent to area  businesses to request needed items that are in high demand. 

Donor Call Script (2023)

This is a donor call script that was developed in early 2023. We conducted a lapsed donor campaign, where the Kent County development team called donors who had not given in over a year. 


This campaign allowed us to provide a personal touch while reaching out to donors. We were able to gain a better understanding of what donors needed from our organization, communication issues, and to hear what motivated our donors to give to our organization. 

Angel Tree Site Sign Up Reminder Email (2022)

One of the first duties I had at The Salvation Army was to create and/or update all of the marketing and communications for The Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive in West Michigan. This is a collaborative partnership with WOOD TV8 and all 10 corps within its viewing area to sign up Angel Tree host sites and advertise this aspect of the Christmas campaign. 


This is the email that went out to all Angel Tree host sites from 2019-2021 (over 500 participants) as a reminder to sign up in order to participate. 

I created several similar email templates for site sign up confirmation, including details on resources, toy drop-off sign up, social media, toy drop-off sign up reminder, linking to the necessary sign-up form, and toy drop-off confirmation, confirming date and time of toy drop off. Each email contained hyper-links and all relevant details a site may inquire about. 

Advisory Board Survey (2022)

Our development team identified a need to check in with the advisory board and one of my first duties at The Salvation Army was to develop this Advisory Board Survey. 

Deployed via google forms, it was emailed and offered in print to members. 

This survey allowed our development team to gain a better understanding of what motivated board members, their feelings about their involvement, and what changes they were interested in.

Proposal (2018)