Lucy: An excerpt

Lucy sighed heavily as she perched on a tall chair along the bar. Her feet were dying in these heels, but damn did they look good. She looked around, appreciating the large windows that let in the cold winter sunshine. The bus was running late- again- but at least now she had time to read. She carefully set a book on the counter, then set her purse on the hook formed by the edges of the chair. Lucy slid one black skinny jean covered leg over the other, carefully balancing her heeled foot on the bottom bar of the chair.

As the bartender crossed over, she leaned back and re-rolled one of the sleeves of her gray tee that had lost its crispness. “What will you have to drink?” he asked, ruffling a hand through his dark hair. What a douche, she thought as she looked at him.

“Yeah… can I get a rum and coke?” She slid her ID and a 10 dollar bill across the bar top at him, certain he was going to ask for it. Maybe someday I’ll look my age… like when I’m dead. Ruefully she smiled, then tucked it back away and rested her hand on the cover of her book. She observed the bartender’s work, raising an eyebrow at the extra shot he put in.

It seemed like at least twice a month the bus ran 20 to 30 minutes behind. She would (inevitably, it seemed) spend the extra time between Job #1 and Job #2 reading a chapter and catching a drink at one of the numerous bars around Union Station. Lucy tried to rotate locales and never drink at the same place thrice in a row, since that seemed to be the magical number of times one could read in a bar and NOT be interrupted by someone (7 out of 10 times, a man). She smiled and nodded her thanks as he set the glass down, and opened the book she had brought, The Hobbit, one of her top 5 favorites books of all time.

Lucy carefully took the first sip, then began losing herself in Middle Earth. So far, so good, she thought as she turned yet another page. She paused, one finger holding the book in the place she stopped, and eyed her drink, debating on ordering another. Lucy reached into her pocket and checked the time. 20 minutes until the next bus came. Not enough time. Damn.